archaeological findingsIn the little museum of local history archaeological findings from the Stone Age and the following Bronze and Iron Age and from the period of the Roman manor houses, as well as
documents from the Middle Ages show the early beginnings of the settlement. A further room informs the visitors about the later economic history, the main focus being on planting and processing of tobacco and asparagus. processing tobaccoIn one part of the museum there are reproduced tools, games and apparatus which small  and large visitors alike are invited to try out themselves. On  9th February 2003 the local museum of St.Leon-Rot opened its doors to the public and all interested persons were invited to visit the permanent exhibition for the first time. In the approx. 80 m² large museum the main topics Stone Age, Roman settlements and the Middle Ages are displayed on lengths of  cloth. Findings from the district of St.Leon-Rot can be admired by the viewer.


“Accessible History” is offered in the educational room which is naturally mainly intended for the younger visitor. But adults also  can find out here how hard it used to be to grind corn. The current presentation “From a tobacco field to a golf course” goes into the younger history of the community in the third room.
Changing exhibitions focus on special topics there.


Bronze statuette of a Lar

Roman tuterary spirit(Roman tutelary spirit for the protection of house and family)

The museum of local history has chosen the Lar as its logo  (found within the boundaries of St. Leon-Rot). A copy of it is exhibited in the museum, the original can be seen in the Palatinate Museum in Heidelberg.