The “Harres” conference and culture centre

With the construction of the “Harres” in 1986 the foundation was laid for the new community centre, which was based on a decision within the frame of the amalgamation of the two
formerly independent communities of Rot and St. Leon. The new centre has been realized with the town hall, situated next to the “Harres” and in operation since autumn 1998, as well as with the meanwhile completed protestant parish centre with its church, vicarage and parish rooms. Opposite the “Harres” a trading estate with three supermarkets has come into being, next to which the private high school St. Leon-Rot with a gym are located. The new centre has further been strengthened by a sheltered housing centre implemented by the Caritas Rhine-Neckar with financial support by Mr. and Mrs. Hopp. The new indoor swimming pool planned to be built behind the conference and culture centre will emphasize the new community centre.

Look at the restaurant

The “Harres” conference and culture centre has its own gastronomy and can not only cater for participants of conferences and seminars. No matter whether a christening or a wedding, a jubilee or a birthday, you will find the appropriate setting for your celebration here. The “Harres” team warrants for perfect service and preparation for your special day.

The function suites “Badner Saal” and the great hall become a meeting place for all people, who enjoy dancing at the traditional balls on the occasion of the asparagus period, the Sauerkraut market and New Year’s Eve gala.

Look at the great hall

The large sports hall with its grand stand and two fields are used by local clubs for regular training as well as competitions. No matter whether football, badminton, handball, volleyball, modern self-defence or gymnastics for seniors, almost every type of sport is possible here.
Eight freshly renovated bowling lanes are available for hobby and sport bowlers. The comfortable bowling lounge invites them to quench their thirst on completing their sport.

Well-known names and faces from theatre and TV can be seen “live” on stage at the “Harres”. Comedies and plays, operettas and concerts provide entertainment. The “Harres” provides for many a great pleasure in the cultural field on behalf of the community.



An der Autobahn 60
ariel photo: Harres and town hall

Ariel photo of Harres

Harres outside view

Harres outside view

restaurant "Harres"

Harres restaurant