Recreational area “St. Leoner See”

Logo Lake St. LeonThe lake in St. Leon came into being due to gravel quarrying in order to throw up the motorway intersection “Walldorfer Kreuz” which is situated mainly within the boundaries of St. Leon-Rot. This led to the develop-ment of a lake with the surface of 10 hectares and a depth of up to 27m. As from 1966 already the lake has been used for bathing against admission charge and up to the present day it is well-known throughout Europe as a recreation area.

Lake St. Leon wellcomes youThe construction of changing cabins, showers, toilets, a life-guard station, a fountain and a kiosk in 1969 was not only a tribute to the growing demand but also the basis for a recreation area awarded with four stars. In the third year after the amalgamation of the communities St.Leon and Rot in 1977  the council gave the signal for the extension of the facilities, which costed approx. 7 million DM. Lawns for sunbathing were laid out, 640 permanent and 250 holiday campsites were created. The entrance area was equipped with a recreation room, washrooms, showers and toilets for disabled people.
Meanwhile there is a restaurant with a shop as well as three kiosks to provide visitors and camping guests with whatever they need for their daily use. Six buildings with sanitary facilities provide hygienic comfort.

The quality of the water in the bathing lake is constantly  examined; the result is published in a map of bathing waters compiled by the State Office for Environmental Protection of  Baden-Württemberg and published by the Department of Health and Social Security of Baden-Württemberg. Since 2001 the lake has achieved the assessment in the best category “well suitable for bathing”.

water-skiingIn the area of the privately operated water-skiing facility a barbecue hut, a soccer pitch and beach-volleyball area complete the leisure activities. In the outer vicinities a beautiful crazy golf course invite visitors to an entertaining pastime. There is a water-skiing cableway at the lake which is a very popular attraction.
This environmental-friendly sports facility contributes to the  excellent water quality as oxygen is added to the lake water.

Of course there are also many activities offered to the younger and youngest visitors besides swimming and rollicking about.There are four playgrounds on which children can play and climb etc.  They are situated at the restaurant, below the kiosk in building 3 and there is an adventure playground between the  lakes and the water-skiing area.

The recreation area consists of a total of three lakes. The two  east of the bathing lake have a surface of approx. 16 hectares. They are open to surfing, sailing and fishing. The members of the local water surfing club are very successful. The good reputation of the facilities as well as of the water-skiing club resulted in the world championships in water-skiing being held at the Lake St.Leon in 1998, a distinction for the club and the facilities equally. Numerous titles won by the club members at national and international hygienic facilityevents are proof of a successful work within the club.

600,000 overnight stays, among them campers from the whole of Europe, and 2 million visitors were counted within 15 years. They are the best evidence that impeccable water quality, well-kept and hygienic facilities are a guarantee for a good reputation.
There are parking lots for approx. 4,000 vehicles available and these can be extended if the demand should rise. This recreation area was the winner of the state competition “Exemplary  campsites” in 1982/83 and came third in the same federal  competition and, as afore mentioned, certainly not without  reason. In the year 2000 the recreation area “St. Leoner See”  was subjected to an examination according to the jointly  elaborated criteria of the German Automobile Club (ADAC),  the German Tourism Association (DTV) and the Association for Camping Management and achieved an excellent 4 star award. he classification refers to the areas reception, sanitary facilities and sites. Supplementary catering and sports facilities were not  assessed. This assessment was repeated mid-2005 according  to the guidelines of the German Tourism Association (DTV) and again the recreation area was awarded 4 stars in the afore mentioned areas.