There are six nursery schools in sponsorship by the church in St. Leon-Rot, which take care of pre-school children from the age of three until they start school. The local government subsidizes the church sponsors with considerable sums and guarantees, together with the local parishes, that each three-year-old child has a nursery school place according to legal entitlement embodied by law.
The contracts concluded with the local parishes provide that the local govern-ment participates in the personnel costs with about 81.5% and in the necessary investments with 70%. The remainder is financed by the parents’ subscriptions; the then remaining deficit is covered by the parishes.
In order to relieve local families, the local council decided that as from 2008 parents pay a subscription cut by € 20 per month; the local government effects the balance to the local sponsors. Parents, whose children visit an external childcare institution, benefit from the reduction as from the month of applica-tion at the local government. Payment is effected at the end of the nursery school year on presentation of this confirmation (51.5 KB) (in German).

According to the respective nursery school there are regular groups, groups with extended opening hours, all-day groups, integrated groups, mixed age groups as from 2 years up and a crib.
You can enquire about the current offer directly at the respective nursery school.

For school children there is a core time care offered by the community within the frame of the “reliable primary school” on school days, as well as a care service during the school holidays until 2.00 p.m. and an all-day care until 5.00 p.m. at one of the nursery schools. For more information please click on this list (16.7 KB) (in German).

An initiative established by parents in 1995 and run by them called “Die kleinen Strolche” e.V. (the little rascals) is specially dedicated to the care of children under three years of age. The society offers attended playgroups for two-year-olds in four different locations in both parts of the community on three resp. five weekdays (three hours daily).
This offer by the parents’ initiative together with the care supplied by the sponsors of the nursery schools contribute essentially to the fact that the ex-pectations stipulated by the day care extension law (TAG) have already largely been transposed in St. Leon-Rot today.

Further childcare, especially for the smallest, is provided by local qualified child minders in St. Leon-Rot, who work in cooperation with the community. This offer is subsidized by the local government with 2,50 € per hour as from 01.09.2008. more (64.3 KB)
For further questions and consultancy please contact the department for foster children at the youth welfare office of the Rhine-Neckar district or the local branch of the Association for the Protection of Children in Wiesloch being the local child minder association.