The Sauerkraut market of St. Leon

CarouselThe Sauerkraut market in St. Leon celebrated its 525th anniversary in 2007, as it was mentioned for the first time in the year 1482. In that year the Bishop of Speyer, Ludwig I, Baron of Helmstädt stated that the annual stall money of the market of St.Leon should be given to the governor of the woodlands, Bernhard Billung of Burgberg.


The market of St.Leon was and is a variety market, which used to provide its inhabitants with all their household necessities. As formerly decreed, it is held within the streets of St.Leon.
Nowadays also, the goods and services offered find market among the visitors from near and far. The name Sauerkraut market has its origin in the fact that it is annually held at the time when the fresh sauerkraut is ready to be served.

The actual market always takes place on the first Sunday and Monday after All Saints’ Day; the fair of St.Leon was also layed to this market weekend so that the supply of goods and  amusement complement each other. The fair already begins on Saturday and ends on Tuesday after the market.

In order to give you an impression of the happenings at the Sauerkraut market of St.Leon, we have prepared a short review (in German).


The participation at the Sauerkraut market of St.Leon is only open to traders, who have to register for it in time. You can read about the details and the stall costs and supplementary costs in the market statutes (18 KB) (in German).
For your registration please complete, print and sign the following form (in German) and send it to the local government. Registration deadline is 31. May of each year.