Town Hall and Politics

The community is jointly administrated by the mayor and the local council. The mayor is a non-permanent civil servant elected by the citizens. He is the chairman of the local council, he is in charge of the local government and represents the community.
Furthermore he performs the tasks conferred to him within his own responsibility with the aid of the local council.

The communities administrate all public tasks in their subdistrict on their own and within their own responsibility in the frame of the  law. They have the right to regulate so-called matters exempt  from direction by means of statutes.

The local council

The local council is also elected by the citizens and is the  principal organ of the community. The duration of the term of office of the members of the local council is 5 years. They are honorary members. The basis for a productive joint effort of the mayor and the local council for the public welfare is stipulated in the local statute of Baden-Württemberg.

The coat of arms

The community bears a name and its own coat of arms. Both are subject to protection by law as well as the flag. The description of the coat of arms is as follows:
In a split shield a silver tiara with golden crowns on a blue background, a blue sickle with a black handle on a golden background, the blade of the sickle pointing in the direction of the shield rim.

It originates from the two coat of arms of the formerly independent communities of Rot and St. Leon that had their own coats of arms until the end of 1973 as shown in the following:

The tiara of Pope Leo on a blue background for St. Leon and the sickle on a golden (yellow) background for Rot were taken from these coats of arms to form the new one.

The coat of arms was bestowed to the new community of  St. Leon-Rot with a certificate by the Ministry of the Interior of Baden-Württemberg on 9th September 1975.

The flag

The colours of the flag of the community St.Leon-Rot were taken from the new coat of arms and are yellow and blue.