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Student Loans

During the course of study, on the one hand you have costs for your livelihood, on the other hand you have to pay various fees connected to the course of study.

The following should be taken into account when considering how to finance your course of study:

Students in Germany require – depending on their own standards of living and the place of study – around 600 and 800 Euros monthly:

  • Costs for accommodation (rent and other auxiliary costs such as electricity, heating, water and waste collection fees)
  • Costs for food, clothing
  • Costs for local public transport and journeys home
  • Costs for insurances (e.g. health insurance)
  • Pocket money
  • Telephone

Costs which are connected to the course of study:

  • Contribution to administration costs and Student Union (both together approx. 100 euros)
  • Specialist literature, PC and other materials
  • General tuition fees (no longer applies as of the 2012 summer semester)

Tuition Fees

For a first or second degree at public institutions of higher education, tuition fees amounting to 500 euros per semester were charged in Baden-Württemberg until the 2011/12 winter semester. From the 2012 summer semester this fee no longer applies.

Note: Tuition fees have to be paid for different courses of study for a Master’s degree, the amount varies.

Tip: You can get information on the topic "Tuition Fees" under "".

Contribution to Administration Costs

The state institutions of higher education in Baden-Württemberg charge an administration cost contribution which differs from one institution of higher education to another for general administration services (e.g. enrolment, exeat). In total including the Student Union contribution you can count on about 100 euros per semester.

Student Union Contribution

A Student Union Contribution is charged when you enrol as a student with which the Student Union partly finances its support and advisory services. Payment of the Student Union Contribution (per semester) is compulsory. In return, you have the right to use all facilities and services of the Student Union.

A so-called "Solidarity Contribution" for the semester ticket is included in the Student Union Contribution depending on the place of study, with which you have the right to use public transport at a cheaper rate. The amount of the "Solidarity Contribution" and the price of the semester ticket vary according to the location.


All students are registered in the statutory accident insurance. The statutory accident insurance includes all activities, which are directly connected with the course of study. This not only includes lectures but also other events (e.g. excursions) which are part of the institution of higher education. Even your journey to the institution of higher education is included in the protection of the accident insurance.

In addition, the Student Union offer an accident insurance for leisure time as well as a cloakroom insurance and bicycle theft insurance through your payment of the Student Union Contribution. The accident insurance for leisure time extends your insurance coverage to your entire leisure activities.

Some Student Unions also offer a third-party liability insurance and household contents insurance (the latter only for the halls of residence of the Student Union).

You can get more detailed information on the amount of your Student Union Contribution and the services included online on the website for your relevant Student Union.

Note: The Student Unions in Baden-Württemberg can be found in the Government Agency Help Site. You can find the Student Union that is responsible for your institution of further education or academy of study with the help of the choice of towns.

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