Procedure descriptions


Cross-border provision of services by craftsmen from other EU/EEA states

Practising a craftsman's trade in Germany is subject to the special legal provisions in the Crafts Act (HwO). The professions which belong to the craft or to the craft-related trade can be found in Annexes A, B1 and B2 of the Crafts Act

If you are a craftsman from one of the following states, have a business operation in that state, and would like to work temporarily in Germany, you must comply with certain regulations:

  • other member states of the European Union (EU)
  • another state party to the agreement of the European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland

Crafts and craft-related trades which do not require a license

Self-employment in a craft or craft-related trade does not require any particular professional qualifications in Germany. The relevant crafts and trades are listed in Annexes B1 and B2 of the Crafts Act. Foreign companies can therefore carry out this work without having to prove to the Chamber of Crafts and Trades any specific requirements beforehand or without having to notify the activity.

Crafts requiring a license

Nationals of the states mentioned above are permitted to provide services temporarily and occasionally. You must fulfil certain preconditions if the craft requires a license. The relevant crafts are listed in Annex A of the Crafts Act. If you carry out a craft that requires a license, you must notify the Chamber of Crafts and Trades.

Responsible authority

The Chamber of Crafts and Trades in whose district, you first performed the service


In Germany, you can temporarily or occasionally perform services in a craft that requires a license. To do this, you must be legally established in one of the states named above for the purpose of carrying on a comparable business activity. Further prerequisites are:

  • You have a certain qualification for the activity in the state in which you are established and the activity is regulated there. This qualification must be a prerequisite for the activity in your state of establishment.
  • The activity is not regulated in your state of establishment but the training for the craft is regulated by the state and you have successfully completed this training.
  • Practice of the relevant activity is not regulated in your state of establishment nor is there state-regulated training for the activity. You have also carried out the activity on a self-employed basis, or have been responsible for the business which carried out the activity, for at least two years in your state of establishment. This work experience may not date back more than ten years from the date you made the notification of the intended provision of service.

Special rules

In the case of the following occupational groups, the competent Chamber of Crafts and Trades can decide to check your professional qualifications before you provide the service for the first time:

  • Chimney sweep
  • Optician
  • Hearing care professional
  • Orthopaedic technician
  • Orthopaedic shoemaker
  • Dental technician

The check serves to prevent serious health hazards or risks to the safety of the service recipients as a result of inadequate qualifications.

Services in the crafts named can only be performed after the competent Chamber of Crafts and Trades has notified that

  • No subsequent check of the occupational qualification is intended or
  • Sufficient occupational qualifications have been ascertained.

Useful tip: On the website of the European Commission you will find a "Regulated Professions Database" where you can search (even by country) for regulated professions.


You must submit the notification in writing to the competent authority. It must be signed manually or have a qualified electronic signature.

If the aforementioned prerequisites have been met, then the service may be provided immediately after the notification. You will receive an acknowledgment of receipt from the competent authority. This will show that the prerequisites for carrying out the service have been met.

Services in the activities listed under Special rules above can only be provided if

  • The competent Chamber of Crafts and Trades has notified that no subsequent check of the occupational qualification is intended or
  • Sufficient occupational qualifications have been ascertained.

Required documents

  • Copy of your identity card or comparable identification document
  • Proof of registration or other proof of your legal establishment in your state of origin
  • Proof of competence or proof of professional experience
  • Completed application form


Notification of the activity: Before the first provision of the service
(if there are queries relating to the authenticity of the documentation, the deadlines may be postponed)

Repeat notification (informal letter): Every twelve months

Notification of significant changes to your circumstances: Immediately in writing

If subsequent check is required: Proof of the required knowledge by aptitude test within one month

Release note

The German original version of this text was drafted in close cooperation with the relevant departments. The Baden-Württembergische Handwerkstag e. V. für die Arbeitsgemeinschaft der Handwerkskammern released the full description on 28.07.2017.
Only the German text is legally binding. The Federal State does not assume any liability for the translated texts. In cases of doubt or if you have any questions or problems, please contact the relevant authorities directly.