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Entry in the register of craftsmen - applying for exemption approval in accordance with § 8 of HWO

An exemption approval concerning entry in the register of craftsmen in accordance with § 8 of the German Crafts Code (HWO) can be applied for if

  • an exception reason is present
  • and your exceptional knowledge and skills in the craft applied for, as well as in the commercial and overall legal area are proved.

With an issued exception approval, you fulfil the requirements for entry in the register of craftsmen for a craft which requires approval.

Please note: With a business entitlement, you are not permitted to use a master title and cannot train in the craft concerned.

An exception approval in accordance with § 8 of the HWO can be limited to definable technical and economic partial activities of a craft which requires approval.

Tip: The crafts which require authorisation are listed in Enclosure A of the German Crafts (Anlage A zur Handwerksordnung).

Responsible authority

The Chamber of Crafts and Trades (Handwerkskammer) in whose district your future premises or your place of residence are located


The requirements are as follows:

  • Reason for exemption
    A reason for exemption for an unlimited exemption approval is present if the taking of the master exam cannot be reasonably expected of you for exceptional reasons. The following are taken into account as reasons for exception:
    • Advanced age (47 years)
    • Limitation to specialist activities
    • Health impairments and disabilities
    • The taking of other examinations
    • Long waiting times in case of master examinations
  • A reason for exception for a limited exemption approval can be present in case of:
    • Long-term unemployment
    • The opportunity to take over a business
  • Proof of expert knowledge
    For the issuing of a limited or permanent exemption approval: The proof
    • of exceptional knowledge and skills in the (partial) craft concerned, as well as
    • sufficient business and general legal knowledge

Note: Should a sufficient proof of qualification not be possible, you can prove the necessary knowledge and skills in an informal specialist examination.

  • The examiner must be commissioned by the competent chamber of crafts
  • You must pay the cost of the examination yourself.

The master examination must be repeated in case of a limited exemption approval. You usually have a maximum of two years to achieve this. The limitation is in accordance with the respective circumstances. You must prove the registration for all parts of the master preparation and the admission to the master exam.

Note: Your overall situation will be taken into account. Lack of time or money or professional overstress are not reasons for exception.


You must submit the application for issuing of an exception approval to the competent chamber of crafts together with all documents. As a rule, you can also send the application by e-mail. The Chambers of Crafts and Trades (Handwerkskammern) provide a form for this purpose that you can download from the website of your competent Chamber.
After your documents have been examined, you will receive either a notice that you have been granted an exemption or a notice of rejection.

On request, the chamber of crafts will listen to the competent specialist organisation.


Required documents

  • Completed application form
  • Proof of expert knowledge or qualification and/or
  • proof concerning the duration of professional experience in the craft applied for (apprenticeship, further training and work references) if available





Once you have received the exception approval, the the Registration in the Register of Craftsmen (Eintragung in die Handwerksrolle) can take place. You can also take up employment as a technical operations manager in another company.


Various costs can be incurred. Please make enquiries at the competent chamber of crafts.


Release note

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In cases of doubt or if you have any questions or problems, please contact the relevant authorities directly.

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